Since the event…

Newsletter opened for non-attendees. Post-conference email to all attendees scheduled for delivery on Wed.

IF YOU HAVE THE MEANS, PLEASE DONATE TO HELP COVID AFFECTED AREAS. If you would like early access to the event content between April 11th and May 15th, just send a confirmation of donation to [email protected] and we’ll add you to the early access attendee list. A few charity options can be found on our “donate” page.

Keynote by Liz Fong-Jones processed and published!

End-of-day panel discussion with Austin Parker, Charity Majors, Chris Bailey, Liz Fong-Jones, Marc Zbyszynski, Tiffany Jachja, and others…processed and published!

Marc Zbyszynski updated his Twitter cover art to the amazing Graphic Recording of his talk done by Ashton of Mind’s Eye Creative.

Tiffany Jachja posted an article on Medium with retros and takeaways.

Jason Malstrom, one of our local Boston DevOps community members and Observe 20/20 attendee wrote an article on Medium about Conferences in the Time of Coronavirus!

Lisa Crispin, Paul Bruce and other members donated to COVID crisis charities as a recommendation for how to compensate for tickets after event closure. Please do so too!

TBD: Over the next week, we will be processing and publishing the rest of the presentations. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for live updates.

2020-04-13: All videos have been published to YouTube!