The following schedule is in EST timezone, as this event is now VIRTUAL and global to satisfy CEST and PST constituents.

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9:30-9:45 Welcome / Opening Remarks
9:45-10:25 Opening Keynote: Liz Fong-Jones,
“Tradeoffs on the Road to Observability”
10:30-10:55 Yoshi Yamaguchi, Google
Continuous Profiling…
Steve Flanders, Splunk
OpenTelemetry as easy as
1, 2, 3


– Deploy a Collector
– Send telemetry to a back-end
– Instrumenting with tracers
– Context propagation
– Enhance traces w/ metadata

11:00-11:25 Daniel Dyla, Dynatrace
The Missing o11y Primer
11:25-11:55 Marc Zbyszynski, GCP Applied
Tracing IoT Event Streams
12:00-12:30 Allee Clark, Oscar Health
Cloud Datacenter Observability via Open Source
12:30-1:15 Lunch – Open Virtual Q&A with Organizers and Speakers
1:30-1:55 Dave McAllister, SignalFx
Multi-dimensional Monitoring
2:00-2:25 Mark Henderson, Haja Networks
Advanced Telemetry for Interplanetary Systems
2:30-2:55 Lucy Monahan, Toast
Observability in Android Apps
3:00-:3:25 Ronald McCollam, Grafana Labs
Full Observability with Grafana
3:30-3:55 Tiffany Jachja,
Continuous Efficiency for Every Pipeline
Workshop Q&A
in Slack & Glitch
4:00-4:25 Chris Bailey, Terazo
Providing Business Value
with Observability
4:30-4:55 Panel – #OpsLive from @o11y2020
4:55-5:05 Closing Remarks