Tiffany Jachja – Continuous Efficiency for Every Pipeline

2019 had an announcement for a new open-source project called OpenTelemetry. It would be a wider and deeper project with many promises. But what is this OpenTelemetry project, why the buzz, and how does it affect enterprise software delivery?

More About What Was Presented

As enterprises lean into DevOps, CI/CD, and cloud technologies, it becomes crucial that stakeholders understand their services. Tracing and Application Performance Management solutions are solving the challenges of observability for applications.

In May of 2019, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation(CNCF) introduced a new Open Source project called OpenTelemetry. This project would combine two influential solutions in the observability space the CNCF’s OpenTracing project and Google’s OpenCensus project. Enterprises turned towards OpenTelemetry as it claims its stake in the solution space.

But what is OpenTelemetry about and how can it help with software delivery? Join this session to find out.