Marc Zbyszynski – Tracing IoT Event Streams

War stories from our efforts to implement tracing on our IoT event streams with minimal effort so that no message is left behind.

More About What Was Presented

The VERIFI® In-transit Concrete Management by GCP Applied Technologies is an innovative, industry-disrupting system that combines IoT automation, data science and chemistry to revolutionize the way that concrete is delivered. These devices are deployed on concrete trucks around the world and generate millions of event messages. These messages are processed by a distributed set of services in the cloud built around Kafka.

Historically measuring end-to-end throughput and assuring that all messages sent to and from the devices are accounted for has been very challenging but with Opentracing it has become a breeze. We will share some war stories about how we implemented a tracing solution, first with Jaeger and then with Lightstep and demonstrate some of the unique insights that tracing has given us.