Daniel Dyla – The Missing o11y Primer

Maintainer of OpenTelemetry JS introduces the core concepts of Distributed Tracing and Observability, OpenTelemetry, and how you can get started tracing your application using currently available open-source technologies.

More About What Was Presented

As the industry shifts from monoliths to microservices, runtime interdependencies are moving more and more to the network layer. This has advantages but brings its own set of challenges as service dependencies move to the network layer. In a modern application with many services, distributed tracing is a crucial tool that can help you understand how services interact with each other, identify bottlenecks, and improve service reliability.

As prevailing architectures change, so too does the landscape of distributed tracing; in just the last few months OpenCensus and OpenTracing have merged into OpenTelemetry and the W3C released a new specification for trace context propagation. With all these recent developments, you might wonder where to start when implementing your monitoring solution? In this talk, Daniel will get you up to speed starting with the basic concepts and challenges of distributed tracing and then move to a more detailed introduction of OpenTelemetry.

Dan will explain the architecture and building blocks, review where the project is now, and share how you can leverage open-source tools to start monitoring your applications today.

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